Jazz's Heart Charm (Big, AM)

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From the Heart

This series is based on a heart that Jazz, Evan’s daughter, drew directly on his chest when she was five years old. That day they went and had it tattooed directly onto Evan’s chest over the marker drawing.

Dimensions: Pendant Size (WxHxD): 68 × 80 × 7 mm
Clip Size (WxH): 28 × 75 mm
Small link size (L × H): 33 × 22 mm
U-bolt (HxW): 35 × 23 mm
Total Length: 190 mm
Weight: 151 grams

Colors: AM: Acid Rose. Brass substrate is electroplated with 18k Rose Gold and then dipped into acid to create the subtly destroyed surface. The concentration of the plating solution, air temperature and time in the acid bath all play integral roles in the final result and exist in a delicate balance. No two items are the same and these nuances / variations should be seen as a characteristic of the product.
Materials: BrassRose Gold Plating
Series: Series 23
Tags: AccessoriesCharm SystemCharmsClipsFrom the HeartKeychains
SKU: Z2330-20-AM