P4—FOB Watch #394 (Straight Strap [Studs], Silver Skeleton, DA-NG)

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Size Info / Don't Worry About Size
Dimensions: Watch diameter: 41.3 mm
Strap width: 33 mm
Weight: 128 grams

(size M)

Colors: DA: Dirty Sterling. Sterling silver, dipped in acid to create a subdued surface. Results will never be identical, and this nuance / variation should be seen as a characteristic of the uniqueness of the product. NG: Nero Grappone Leather.
Materials: LeatherSilver Dirty Finish
Categories: Watches Silver Skeleton
Series: Series 20
Tags: Silver SkeletonStraight Strap
SKU: W130-011-0-DA-NG-S

Watch Details

a Crown
b Hours hand
c Minutes hand
d Seconds hand
  • Movement

    Miyota 8n24 automatic skeleton movement 21 jewels; vibrations per hour: 21,600; power reserve: 40 hours. The watch automatically winds itself as it is worn. Manually wind the watch before wearing it for the first time or if not worn for more than 40 hours. To manually wind the watch, rotate the crown clockwise 20–30 turns. Once completely wound, your watch has a power reserve of approximately 40 hours.
  • Functions

    Hour, minute, and sweep second.
  • Case

    41.3 mm stainless steel case; mineral glass case-back.
  • Dial

    Double layer open worked dial smoked mineral glass; stainless steel turbine blades, matte black.
  • Glass

    Sapphire mineral glass with anti-reflective treatment.
  • Day-to-Day Care

    To clean your watch, use a soft cloth.
  • Temperature

    We recommend avoiding extreme temperatures as well as any sharp temperature fluctuations.
  • Magnetic Fields

    Avoid placing your watch on magnets, computers, loudspeakers or refrigerators, since they generate powerful magnetic fields.
  • Chemical Products

    Avoid contact with solvents, detergents, perfumes, cosmetics, etc., since they may damage the chain, case or gaskets.
  • Water Resistance

    Avoid water and moisture whenever possible. While the watch body is water resistant to 5 atm, the watch band is constructed from leather and silver and will degrade from contact. Caution: Do not handle the crown upon contact with water.

Size Information

Stud Watches

S 160 mm
M 180 mm
L 200 mm

STUD WATCHES should be sized according to your wrist circumference. We recommend choosing a size that is slightly greater than your wrist measurement to provide a small degree of slack. PLEASE NOTE: The Stud Watch straps are not adjustable.

Don't Worry About Size

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