Ultra Reduction Bracelet (30mm, SUAG)

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Hollow constructed

This piece is 100% hand fabricated from metal plate; cut into sections and soldered together to make the hollow three dimensional form. If sterling silver, the sheet metal is made by hand. The silver is melted and rolled out into plate.

  • SUAG: Super Ultra Acid Gold. Brass substrate is electroplated with 18k gold and then submerged into a heavy acid bath. Once the inital deterioration occurs the surface is then burned to finalize the texturing. The resulting landscape is a natural occurance. The concentration of the plating solution, air temperature and time in the acid bath all play integral roles in the final result. No two items are the same and these nuances / variations should be seen as a characteristic of the product.
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    Series: Series 6
    SKU: 608-1-SUAG-XS
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