Talisman Cuboid Necklace SPECIMEN (Zircon, MA+ZIR)

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Talisman series

The Talisman series is an exploration into the power of natural crystals. Tools for Magic. The crystals used in these pieces are discovered through adventure and are hand selected. Each piece is unique and special.

This item is specimen grade

The title Specimen signifies a particular class of mineral that is both rare and collectable. They are untouched, meaning not cut or polished. Each product with the status of Specimen has a unique number and is absolutely one-of-a-kind.

7 mm 40 mm Jewerly is for illustrative purposes only and may differ from the actual product
Dimensions: Pendant (WxHxD): 7 × 40 × 8 mm
Crystal Jacket Length (excld. Cap Link): 27 mm
Visible Crystal Length: 10 mm
Chain Length: 740 mm
Weight: 34 grams

Crystal Shape: Mini
Crystal Colors: Earth

Colors: MA: Matte Sterling Silver. Sanded at 320 grit ZIR: Zircon Crystal.
Materials: CrystalSilver Matte Finish
Categories: Necklaces Talisman Necklaces Talisman Cuboid Necklaces One-of-a-Kind Necklaces
Series: Series 17
Tags: BaseCuboidOne-of-a-KindTalisman

Crystal Metaphysics


Deity: Zargunel (Life Changes)
  • Life changes
  • Ancient worlds
  • Forward movement
  • Intuition
  • Attachment
  • Trapped in the past
  • Computers
  • Liver
Animal Totem: Spider
Essential Oil: Jupiter
Chemical Composition: Zirconium Silicate
Color Rays:
  • 31% Gold
  • 17% Silver
  • 13% Yellow
  • 13% Indigo
  • 12% Orange
  • 13% Blue