Restraint Charm Bracelet (30mm, MR+FLE)

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Restraint Charm Bracelet (30mm, MR+FLE)


Items with the potential use as restraints. All P4X hardware and accessories are compatible and interchangeable.

Charm System

The Charm System is an interrelated group of products that can be mixed and matched or worn individually.

Dimensions: Bracelet width: 30 mm
U-bolt (H × W): 25 mm × 17 mm

Colors: MR: Matte Brass. Matte Brass FLE: Natural Buffalo leather.
Materials: BrassLeather
Series: Series 7
Tags: Charm System
SKU: 712-2-MR+FLE-XS
Other: Jewelry Care, Color Glossary

Sizing Information

Leather Cuff (15 & 30 mm)

XS 18.5 cm
S 20.0 cm
M 20.3 cm
L 21.8 cm

LEATHER BRACELETS (15 mm & 30 mm) are measured by using your wrist circumference as compared to the above chart.