Portal Necklace Construction (with Plus, B+MR+MZ)

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Portal Necklace Construction (with Plus, B+MR+MZ)

Organic Chain

All organic chain is carved by hand. In the case of the chains made of wood, they are absolutely seamless; carved from a single long slab of wood (see link). Chains made from bone, horn and coral are modeled and constructed into chain links.

Hand Carved

This item has elements that have been carved entirely by hand.

Dimensions: Chain length: 400 mm
Portal diameter: 82 mm
Plus height: 72 mm
U-bolt (H × W): 35 mm × 27 mm

Colors: B: Bone. Water buffalo (Bubalus bubalis). The bone form is completely hand carved. MR: Matte Brass (Cast). Cast Beta Brass MZ: Matte white bronze. Matte white bronze
Materials: BrassBronze
Series: Series 8
Tags: ChainsMatte BrassPortals
SKU: 823-4-B+MR+MZ
Other: Color Glossary