Link Gauntlet (2 Link, MB+FLE)

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Hand Carved

This item has elements that have been carved entirely by hand.

Dimensions: Bracelet width: 50 mm
Chain link size (L × H): 50 mm × 25 mm
Weight: 75 grams

(size M)

Colors: MB: Matte Bone. Water buffalo (Bubalus bubalis). The bone form is completely hand carved. FLE: Natural Buffalo leather.
Materials: BoneLeather
Categories: Bracelets
Series: Series 6
SKU: 629-2-MB+FLE-XS

Size Information

Leather Cuff (50 & 70 mm)

XS 15.5 cm
S 16.5 cm
M 18.5 cm
L 20.5 cm

LEATHER BRACELETS (50mm & 70mm) are measured by using your wrist circumference as compared to the above chart.

Don't Worry About Size

We have your back and can help you find the perfect size according to your wearing preference as well as do customizations. Above are the basic measurements of this item for reference, but please get in touch for more help!

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