Plate Necklace (U-Bolt Var., Adaptation, Scapolite, KA+SCAP)

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Dimensions: Pendant (WxHxD): 15 × 55 × 5 mm
Crystal Jacket Length (excld. Cap Link): 38 mm
Visible Crystal Length: 18 mm
Chain Length: 740 mm
Weight: 54 grams

Crystal Shape: Small
Crystal Colors: Yellow

Colors: KA: Black Sterling. Black Sterling is a surface oxidation of sterling silver. This finish may fade over time, which can be considered an enhancement. Please note that Black Sterling tends to appear darker in photograph than in person. The finish can be re-blackened easily with Liver of Sulfur, available at most jewelry suppliers. SCAP: Scapolite. Scapolite
Materials: CrystalSilver Black Finish
Categories: Necklaces Plate Necklaces Talisman Plate Necklaces One-of-a-Kind Necklaces
Series: Series 24
Tags: One-of-a-Kind