Crescent Bracelet (Pyrite Emersion, 30mm, DR+PYR)

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Natural Variation

This item is made with a naturally occurring element and will vary from the photograph you see. Each piece is unique and this is what makes it special

Rough Gemstones

We use facet-grade rough gemstones which means that the traditional intention of this rough material is cut faceted stones. This assures the highest quality material while maintaining our aversion to classical jewelry norms.

Dimensions: Bracelet Width (at Widest Point): 30 mm
Weight: 200 grams

(size M)

Colors: DR: Dirty Brass. This color is accomplished by burning the metal to the point that it releases its impurities and self colorizes. This patina occurs from within, no chemical was added to the surface. PYR: Pyrite.
Materials: BrassCrystal Dirty Finish
Categories: Bracelets Crescent Bracelets Brass Bracelets
Series: Series 14
Tags: Crescent
SKU: 1402-11-DR+PYR-XS

Size Information

Open-Type Bracelets

XS 57 mm 28 mm
S 63 mm 30 mm
M 65 mm 33 mm
L 68 mm 35 mm

OPEN-TYPE BRACELETS have two key points to consider. Firstly the actual ‘size’ which is measured by using your wrist diameter as compared to the below table. You want there to be a little wiggle room so select the size that is just slightly bigger than your actual wrist measurement.

The second key point is the thickness of your wrist, this is important to be sure you can get into the opening (Column B) but that it is not too big that the bracelet will fall off. This measurement can be a bit snug, it is best to have to squeeze into the opening part of this bracelet a bit to prevent it from falling off.

The other factor to consider where on your arm you will wear this. If you are stacking multiple bracelets you would need a size up to wear higher.

This is a relatively difficult style to determine size for, we highly recommend consulting with us to get it right. You can go ahead and order the size you believe you are and send us a message, we will help be certain about it before launching production.

Don't Worry About Size

We have your back and can help you find the perfect size according to your wearing preference as well as do customizations. Above are the basic measurements of this item for reference, but please get in touch for more help!

You are safe; You can exchange your item infinitely until you find the right piece.

Crystal Metaphysics


Deity: Py-ra-el (Spark of Life)
  • Vitality
  • Mental Ability
  • Focus
  • Discipline
  • Confidence
  • Sacred Geometry
  • Depression
  • Anxiety and panic attacks
Animal Totem: Monkey
Essential Oil: Basil
Chemical Composition: Iron Disulfide
Color Rays:
  • 60% Gold
  • 12% White
  • 11% Red
  • 11% Yellow
  • 6% Orange