Bodhichitta S3 Charm Bracelet (BC+PA)

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Shaman Shit Show

The Shaman Shit Show family is a very specific groups of products that are meant to be tools in assisting guided journeys through spiritual experiences. Whether these experiences are privately ceremonial or festive in nature, these tools are meant to add to your experience.

Colors: BC: Bodhichitta beads. Seeds from the Bodhichitta tree of Nepal. In Buddhism, bodhicitta is the wish to attain complete enlightenment [bodhi:(f.) supreme knowledge; the tree of wisdom + Cittā (चित्ता) is the name of a mind-born ‘divine mother’ (mātṛ)]. PA: Polished sterling silver. Polished sterling silver
Dimensions: 15 × 15 × 15 (mm)
Weight: 65 grams
Series: Series 14
SKU: 1418-1-BC+PA-XS
Tags: Shaman Shit Show
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