Single Link Toggle Bracelet (YG)

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Dimensions: Toggle length: 40 mm
Toggle link size (L × H): 33 mm × 22 mm
Chain size (L × H): 6 mm × 9 mm
Weight: 37 grams

(size M)

Colors: YG: Bright Gold. Brass substrate, polished and electroplated with 18k gold.
Materials: BrassGold Plated
Categories: Bracelets Acid Gold Bracelets Brass Bracelets
Series: Series 4
SKU: 420-1-YG-XS

Size Information

Chain Bracelets

XS 14.0 cm
S 15.5 cm
M 17.5 cm
L 19.5 cm

CHAIN BRACELETS are sized based on the circumference of your wrist. For bracelets that use toggle closures it is a good idea to have them a bit loose fitting to allow enough room to insert the toggle. Bracelets using the U-Bolt closure can be a bit more snug if that is how you prefer to wear it.

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