Giant Roman Ring (KU+KA+HER)

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Colors: KU: Black Wood (Kayu Arang). Naturally black wood (Kayu Arang means "coal wood") completely hand carved. KA: Black Sterling. Black Sterling is achieved by the oxidation of sterling silver. This blackened state will fade depending on skin type and sometimes quite quickly, the faded look can be considered an enhancement but we will be happy to help teach you how to re-oxidize your pieces if you prefer the pure black finish. Additionally, please note that Black Sterling tends to look darker in photograph then in person. HER: Herkimer diamond. Double-terminated quartz crystals, super clarity (water-clear) discovered within exposed outcrops of dolostone in and around Herkimer County, New York and the Mohawk River Valley [Anu-ra-el]
Materials: CrystalSterling SilverWood
Series: Series 16
Tags: One-of-a-kind
Dimensions: 18 × 49 × 27 (mm)
Weight: 23 grams
SKU: E1601-31-KU+KA+HER-6.5
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