Neck Cuff (15mm, MR)

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Neck Cuff (15mm, MR)


Items with the potential use as restraints. All P4X hardware and accessories are compatible and interchangeable.

Dimensions: Necklace width: 15 mm
U-bolt (H × W): 25 mm × 17 mm
Weight: 170 grams

(size M)

Colors: MR: Matte Brass (Cast). Cast Beta Brass
Materials: Brass
Series: Series 13
Tags: Charm SystemMatte Brass
SKU: 1308-2-MR-XS
Other: Jewelry Care, Color Glossary

Sizing Information

Metal Collar

A (Diameter) B (Circumference)
XS 111 mm 348 mm
S 120 mm 376 mm
M 129 mm 405 mm
L 138 mm 433 mm