Charm Chain Necklace (107cm, Small Links, PH+MH+KA)

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Organic Chain

All organic chain is carved by hand. In the case of the chains made of wood, they are absolutely seamless; carved from a single long slab of wood (see link). Chains made from bone, horn and coral are modeled and constructed into chain links.

Charm System

The Charm System is an interrelated group of products that can be mixed and matched or worn individually.

Colors: PH: Polished Horn. Horn (Bubalus bubalis, water buffalo) MH: Matte Horn. Horn (Bubalus bubalis, water buffalo) KA: Black Sterling. Black Sterling is achieved by the oxidation of sterling silver. This blackened state will fade depending on skin type and sometimes quite quickly, the faded look can be considered an enhancement but we will be happy to help teach you how to re-oxidize your pieces if you prefer the pure black finish. Additionally, please note that Black Sterling tends to look darker in photograph then in person.
Materials: HornSterling Silver
Series: Series 16
Tags: ChainsCharm System
SKU: 1618-2-PH+MH+KA
Other: Color Glossary