Talisman Necklace LTD (Champagne Quartz, DA+CHAQ)

Talisman Necklace LTD (Champagne Quartz, DA+CHAQ)


Talisman series

The Talisman series is an exploration into the power of natural crystals. Tools for Magic. The crystals used in these pieces are discovered through adventure and are hand selected. Each piece is unique and special.

Limited Edition

Fixed and finite number of pieces created.

  • DA: Dirty Sterling. Sterling silver is dipped into acid to create a subdued surface. No two items reslut are identical and these nuances and variations should be seen as a charecertistic of the product.
  • CHAQ: Champagne Quartz.
  • Families:
    Series: Series 12
    SKU: R-211-DA+CHAQ
    Tags: One-of-a-kind
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