Sistema Ring (0.4-0.6 CT, Single Ruby Slice, 9mm, DA+RUB)

Sistema Ring (0.4-0.6 CT, Single Ruby Slice, 9mm, DA+RUB)


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Sistema series

The Sistema series is first family within Parts of Four. As a mode of creation it expresses the core principle of P/4 which is modularity. The "body" and "insert" are separate parts joined together with pins. This leaves endless possibilities for iteration of material and form combinations.

Rough Gemstones

We use facet-grade rough gemstones which means that the traditional intention of this rough material is cut faceted stones. This assures the highest quality material while maintaining our aversion to classical jewelry norms.

  • DA: Dirty Sterling. Sterling silver is dipped into acid to create a subdued surface. No two items reslut are identical and these nuances and variations should be seen as a charecertistic of the product.
  • RUB: Rough Ruby (Faceted).
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    Series: Series 11
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