Plate Ring Single (1.8-2.1 CT, Single L-Stone, 17mm, KA+DIA)

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  • KA: Black Sterling. Black Sterling is acheived by the oxidization of sterling silver. This blackened state will fade or scratch off over time but we will be happy to help teach you how to re-oxidize your pieces if you are interested (it is a very easy process). Additionally, please note that Black Sterling tends to look darker in photograph than in person.
  • DIA: Diamond Slice. The stones used in this item are slivers of diamond material that are removed from a larger chunk of diamond as they are attempting to get to the perfect diamond in the center. Each stone fragment and shape are absolutely unique.
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    Series: Series 7
    SKU: 714-5-KA+DIA-4
    Tags: Diamond Slices
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