Ginger 1 (Cylinder Wedge, AS)

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P/4 candles are a formulation of pure natural components, all of which are sourced locally in Indonesia. We use a combination of coconut wax, beeswax and essential oils to blend a mixture absolutley focused on the essesnce of these powerful materials.

Ceramic coated vessel

The metal surface of this vessel is coated with a fine layer of ceramic material. Each vessel is electroplated, by hand, in a liquid ceramic bath; Electromagnetic forces bind the ceramic and metal molecules together.This coating helps to maintain the state of texture or patina accomplished on each vessel.

Other: Color Glossary

Details and Materials

  • Vessel

    Cylinder Wedge

  • Material

    Brass, Silver

  • Dimension

    85 × 160 × 85 (mm)

  • Colors

    AS: Acid Silver. Brass substrate is electroplated with silver and then dipped into acid to create the subtly destroyed surface. The concentration of the plating solution, air temperature and time in the acid bath all play integral roles in the final result and exist in a delicate balance. No two items are the same and these nuances / variations should be seen as a characteristic of the product.

  • Elements

    Water North, Darkness, Cold, Sphere, Mercury Fire South, Cone, Heat, Mars, Pyramid