Amulet Cuboid SPECIMEN (Blue Cap Tourmaline, DA+BCT)

Amulet Cuboid SPECIMEN (Blue Cap Tourmaline, DA+BCT)


This item is specimen grade

The title Specimen signifies a particular class of mineral that is both rare and collectable. They are untouched, meaning not cut or polished. Each product with the status of Specimen has a unique number and is absolutely one-of-a-kind.


The Amulet series seeks to encapsulate the energy of a singular mineral element. All Amulet pieces are constructed as two halves, compressing the mineral in between using tension. Plate Amulet's: Both sides of the plate are carved out to follow the rough gems form allowing the crystal to transmit light.

  • DA: Dirty Sterling. Sterling silver is dipped into acid to create a subdued surface. No two items reslut are identical and these nuances and variations should be seen as a charecertistic of the product.
  • BCT: Blue Cap Tourmaline. Locality: Mwajanga
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    Series: Series 12
    SKU: R-193-DA+BCT
    Tags: One-of-a-kind Specimen
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