Hoop Earring (Small, Dangle Var., Hematite Quartz, YMA+YM+HQ)

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Please Note: Earrings are sold as singles and not as a pair.

Natural Variation

This item is made with a naturally occurring element and will vary from the photograph you see. Each piece is unique and this is what makes it special

Dimensions: Hoop diameter: 23 mm
Dangle length: 25 - 27 mm
Visible crystal length: 10 - 14 mm
Pin thickness: 1.2 mm / 18 gauge
Weight: 8 grams

Crystal Colors: EarthRed

Colors: YMA: Sterling Bright Rose. sterling silver substrate, polished and electroplated with 18k rose gold. YM: Bright Rose. Brass substrate, polished and electroplated with 18k rose gold. HQ: Hematite Quartz.
Materials: BrassCrystalRose Gold PlatingSterling Silver
Series: Series 22
Tags: DanglesEarringsHoops
SKU: 2235-9-YMA+YM+HQ

Crystal Metaphysics

Clear Quartz

Deity: Cry-el-o-el (Light Embodied)
  • Light Embodied
  • Amplification
  • Clarity
  • Self Acceptance
  • Purification
  • Goals
  • The Scarab
  • Life Path
Animal Totem: Dove
Essential Oil: Jasmine
Chemical Composition: Silicon Dioxide
Color Rays:
  • 91% Clear
  • 9% White