Parts of Four Coin

Parts of Four Coin (P4C) is the native currency of the P4 Metaverse

Parts of Four Coin’s (P4C) principal function is as the currency of the upcoming Parts of Four NFT platform. This platform will be the primary ecosystem to acquire, forge, and merge Parts of Four NFTs.

The P4C token is highly incentivized for holders, where its main drive is towards the platform launch.


3,200 billion tokens locked

3,200 billion tokens are vested across four locks. The locked tokens, beginning November 20th, 2022, will be released annually across four years in 800 billion token blocks. View locks on Unicrypt

Initial Lock:
3,200 billion
Release #1 Nov. 20, 2022
800 billion
Release #2 Nov. 20, 2023
800 billion
Release #3 Nov. 20, 2024
800 billion
Release #4 Nov. 20, 2025
800 billion

Initial Capital Allocation

Budget allocations are made in the following proportion, to marketing, weekly airdrops, reinvestment towards tech and platform developments, and the team.

35% Marketing

20% Airdrops

15% Development

30% Team



Contract Address