Parts of Four Coin

Parts of Four Coin (P4C) is an ERC-20 community-owned luxury token with member benefits. Its principal utility is as the upgrade token for Parts of Four NFTs.

Reflections (Deflation)

P4C is programmed to redistribute to holders, decrease supply, and create reward pools by applying a 3% tax to all transactions. The tax will be distributed in the following manner:

Burn Cycle

3.2 Trillion Locked For Scheduled Burn

3.2 trillion tokens are vested across four locks by Unicrypt. The locked tokens, beginning November 20th, 2022, will be burned annually over four years in 800 billion token blocks. The Unicrypt lock wallets are whitelisted and do not receive reflections.

Initial Lock:
3.2 trillion
Burn #1 Nov. 20, 2022
800 billion
Burn #2 Nov. 20, 2023
800 billion
Burn #3 Nov. 20, 2024
800 billion
Burn #4 Nov. 20, 2025
800 billion
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Holder Benefits


Initial allocation of tokens:

10% Team (Locked)

16% Treasury

24% Liquidity

50% Community



One Year

  • 2022 Q1
    • Expand the P4M team.
    • Develop Bi-Directional Object mechanics.
    • Refresh the NFT page and issue a single-page overview for the Bi-Directional Object project.
    • Restructure the P4M Discord server.
  • 2022 Q2
    • Community outreach for the Bi-Directional Object Drop No. 1.
    • Develop DApp for Bi-Directional Object Drop No. 1.
  • 2022 Q4

Future Visions

  • I AR integration for Bi-Directional Object holders.
  • II Web-based portal powered by Unreal Engine.
  • III Integrate Parts of Four jewelries with the Greater Metaverse.
  • IV Begin development of Parts of Four RPG game, The Architect.

Contract Address