Parts of Four NFT

Parts of Four Genesis NFT collection debuting with Bi-Directional Object Number One.

Bi-Directional Object

The first physical–digital jewelry. NFT objects are redeemable as physical objects.

Parts of Four presents a collection of NFTs bridging physical jewelries and digital combinatory art. The NFT consists of a 3D rendering of the Parts of Four Plus necklace suspended in a virtual environment.

What are Bi-directional Objects?

Bi-directional Objects exist both digitally and physically. That is to say, the digital jewelry co-exists simultaneously as a physical jewlery, redeemable at zero cost, inclusive of shipping.

Rarity and Preciousness

Increase the preciousness of the jewelry and the rarity of the NFT by burning P4C tokens.

    • Bi-directional Object:
    • Starts at base level.
    • P4C burns increment the preciousness levels.
    • Preciousness improves material, stones, and/or stone quantity.
    • Environmental Traits:
    • Traits defined probabilistically.
    • P4C burns improve the chances of rarity.
    • Environmental traits consist of sound, elemental textures, distortions, HUD, and so forth.
Burning P4C tokens increases both the preciousness of the jewelry and the rarity of the NFT.
  • Whitelisting on future NFT drops.
  • Whitelisting giveaways on partnered projects.
  • Access to holder-exclusive physical jewelries and objects.
  • Access to exclusive Discord channels covering jewelry making techniques, crystal information, and other behind the scenes details.
  • Invitation to private events and workshops.
  • Under consideration: staking.

Modular System

COMING Q1 2023. The Parts of Four Modular NFT System will be the brand exclusive ecosystem towards the exploration and acquisition of NFTs, featuring specialized craft and merge mechanisms and future integrations with game platforms, social avatars, AR, and the Greater Metaverse.

A Recombinant Units

Recombinant Units are Parts of Four objects forged in dream space, unmoored from physical constraints. The units are modular, unlockable NFTs where Parts of Four jewelries can be crafted, metamorphosed, and re-combined into hyperreal image objects.

Recombinant Units range across three classes: Prime, Compounds, and Isotopes.


All Units are forged into our elemental system and can be merged and refined into new elemental states using the formula table. The platform will be driven by this elemental ethos and scarcity defined by the complexity of the formula itself.


A small selection of Recombinant Units and Elemental Orbs.

B SONG Units

SONG Units are the lyrical expressions of Parts of Four jewelry objects.


One Year

  • 2022 Q1
    • Expand the P4M team.
    • Develop Bi-Directional Object mechanics.
    • Refresh the NFT page and issue a single-page overview for the Bi-Directional Object project.
    • Restructure the P4M Discord server.
  • 2022 Q2
    • Community outreach for the Bi-Directional Object Drop No. 1.
    • Develop DApp for Bi-Directional Object Drop No. 1.
  • 2022 Q4

Future Visions

  • I AR integration for Bi-Directional Object holders.
  • II Web-based portal powered by Unreal Engine.
  • III Integrate Parts of Four jewelries with the Greater Metaverse.
  • IV Begin development of Parts of Four RPG game, The Architect.