Arrowhead Pierced Amulet (PA+ARW)

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Arrowhead Amulets

These pieces are built using true arrowhead relics. Their wild history creates a depth and magic that is uniquely human. There are currently two design modes in which these amulets are created; The cuboid form, which essentially reforms the arrowhead into a modern tool and the other being a direct piercing of the arrowhead which is somehow ritualistic in process. Both hope to respect this sacred object in very different ways.

Colors: PA: Polished sterling silver. Polished sterling silver ARW: Arrowhead. Found in Massachusetts with possible tribe relationship to: Mohawk, Mahegan, Pocumtuc, Nipmuc, Pequot, Wampanoag or Norwottuck.
Dimensions: 45 × 88 × 2 (mm)
Series: Series 12
Tags: ArrowheadsOne-of-a-kindRelicsShaman Shit Show
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