Talisman Dangle Earring (Aquamarine, PA+AQU)

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Please Note: Earrings are sold as singles and not as a pair.

8 mm 53 mm Jewerly is for illustrative purposes only and may differ from the actual product
Dimensions: Dangle length: 42 mm
Visible crystal length: 15 mm
Total length: 53 mm
Weight: 8 grams

Crystal Shape: Small
Crystal Colors: Blue

Colors: PA: Polished sterling silver. AQU: Aquamarine.
Materials: CrystalSterling Silver
Series: Series 23
Tags: BerylDanglesEarringsOne-of-a-Kind
SKU: R2335-66-PA+AQU

Crystal Metaphysics

Deity: Aquamarel (Simplification)
  • Simplification
  • Voice
  • The ocean
  • Courage
  • Expression
  • Throat Chakra
Animal Totem: Sea Horse
Essential Oil: Eucalyptus
Chemical Composition: Beryllium Aluminum Silicate (Trace Iron)
Color Rays:
  • 33% Blue
  • 33% Green
  • 33% Clear
  • 1% Black